Google Nexus 7 with mobile connectivity could be on its way

Google Nexus 7 with mobile connectivity could be on its way
Putting the G in 3G

Asus may be planning on releasing a 3G version of its popular Google Nexus 7 tablet, allowing users to get online while on the move.

There have been numerous rumours surrounds new versions of the bargain basement Nexus 7 tablet recently, ranging from a 32GB option to a dirt cheap $99 entry-level offering.

Now details have appeared at the NCC, the Taiwanese version of the FCC in the States, showing a device called the "Asus Pad" which sports 3G connectivity.

All about the G

Of course the name doesn't immediately link this filing with the Nexus 7, but the model number stated in the NCC document does – the device is listed as ME370TG, the original Nexus 7 is ME370T.

The details were picked up by Taiwanese site VR-Zone and there's no guarantee that the leaked document is the real deal, but it's an interesting find.

3G support would certainly be a welcomed addition to the search giant's budget tablet range, as the lack of data on the go and expandable memory were the only blemishes in an otherwise excellent Google Nexus 7 review.

Google has an event scheduled on October 29 in New York where we expect to see the next Nexus smartphone, rumoured to be the LG Nexus 4, unveiled – could we also see a new fleet of Nexus 7 tablets as well? Only time will tell.

From VR-Zone via PocketNow

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