Apple to launch iPad 2 Plus later this year?

Just going on Google+ on my iPad 2+, wanna be my +1?
Just going on Google+ on my iPad 2+, wanna be my +1?

The suggestion that Apple will launch a new iPad model this autumn is the rumour that refuses to die; but rather than the iPad 3, an analyst has now suggested that we could see an iPad 2 Plus on our Christmas wishlists.

The so-called iPad 2 Plus isn't set to be a radical departure from the current iPad 2, with supply chain sources tipping an improved display (250-300 ppi as opposed to the current 132 ppi).

"There are some indications from the supply chain that Apple may look to introduce an 'iPad 2 Plus' device as they put out request for quotes from various component suppliers for this marginally different device," writes Craig Berger from FBR Capital Markets.


We're not always convinced by analyst notes, but given the robustness of the autumn iPad rumour, some kind of tablet launch from Apple does seem to be on the cards.

Noted Apple botherer John Gruber first suggested an autumn iPad 3 launch, was then backed up by Reuters' anonymous sources and noted rumour mongerers Digitimes.

Still, we won't be too surprised not to see a new iPad launch in September or October, particularly given that Berger himself casts aspersions on the rumblings:

"While we find this new commentary interesting, we await more confirming data points from other supply chain contacts before fully believing a new iPad device is coming in 2011."

From IBTimes via SlashGear

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