New Apple MacBook trackpad freezing

Apple's latest MacBook trackpads are suffering from a problem with freezing on users

A problem is occurring with a number of the new MacBook multitouch glass-covered trackpads, with users reporting in official Apple forums that the trackpad is freezing.

Formerly proud new MacBook owners have posted reports that the trackpad freezes after around 50 clicks and then unfreezes again after another 5-10 failed clicks.

Which we imagine would be incredibly annoying, having spent the best part of a month's wages on your new Apple toy.

Apple's new trackpad doesn't feature the customary click button, but is just one single tracking square, which the user applies pressure to in order to request a mouse-click.

No official line from Apple

No word as yet on the problem from Apple and it is unclear if it is a software fault or a hardware problem.

We will bring you further updates on this problem as we get them. Apple is clearly hoping that it is a software problem, which could be fixed quickly and with little fuss.

If it is a hardware problem, then the company has a possible PR disaster on its hands. Not ideal, in the busy run up to the Christmas holidays…

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