HP puts the ultimate privacy screen solution in its laptops

HP Sure View

HP has teamed up with 3M to produce a privacy screen solution built directly into laptop displays called Sure View.

Rather than carrying around a flimsy privacy screen, on a select few HP laptops you'll be able to switch on the security measure just as if you were adjusting your screen brightness.

HP Sure View

HP claims Sure View reduces the amount of visible light viewed at an angle by 95%, making it difficult for people around you to view information on your screen. At the same time the privacy solution blocks out less light for the user than an external privacy screen while also removing the hassle of having to carry around an extra item.

We got to see the difference between displays equipped with Sure View and others with a privacy screen overlaid on top of it, and there's a definite improvement with the integrated solution. What's more, the HP and 3M's solution also works with touchscreen devices.

HP Sure View

That said, it's not perfect. The amount of light that's obscured goes down as you increase the screen brightness, making it less effective. Early samples also had a problem with easily picking up reflections, but we're hoping these are just pre-production issues.

HP is slowly trickling out Sure View, starting with the HP EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840. Both models will be available in September with Full HD touch and non-touch models.

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