How HTC Watch delivers movie magic

HTC Watch
HTC Watch gives you movies the way they were meant to be

This is a sponsored article in association with HTC.

With tablet computers, having stunning hardware is only part of the picture: without decent movies and music to enjoy, a tablet isn't as fun as it could be. What's the point of having a pin-sharp screen if there's nothing to watch on it?

Where some tablets only support a few file formats, expect their owners to scour the internet for something worth watching and output the soundtrack via a single tinny speaker, HTC takes a different approach. The HTC Flyer puts Hollywood in your pocket, and with HTC Watch you can access the very best entertainment instantly.

Why Watch is worth watching

The idea behind HTC Watch is simple: it delivers what you want, when you want it, with no waiting. By delivering movies to the HTC Flyer's stunning screen without cropping, letterboxing or stuttering, HTC Watch gives you movies the way they were meant to be seen in all their cinematic glory.

So what exactly is it?

HTC Watch consists of two things. There's the HTC Watch application, a typically good-looking application that comes pre-installed on your HTC Flyer. The application is simple, good-looking and connected to the HTC Watch service, which offers an enormous and ever-growing library of new and classic Hollywood blockbusters and premium TV programmes. Not only that, but HTC Watch uses some clever technology so that you can start watching your chosen film or programme instantly.

HTC watch

What you want, when you want it

If you've ever experienced the frustration of waiting for a film to download before you can start watching it, you'll love HTC Watch's approach.

It takes advantage of a technology called Progressive Downloading so that you can start watching almost instantly. That's handy no matter where you are, but it's particularly useful when you're out and about: congestion means that public Wi-Fi connections aren't always as fast as we'd like them to be.

The progressive downloading technology used by HTC Watch enables you to start watching within a few seconds, and it achieves this by buffering. Instead of downloading the bit you're currently watching and nothing else, it downloads the next bit too - so if your connection stutters or becomes congested, it won't affect the smoothness of your video because the next bit of the scene has already been downloaded.

HTC watch

The choice is yours

When it comes to movies, everybody's different - not just in their choice of films, but in the ways they like to enjoy them. Some of us won't even consider a film without checking out its trailer, others would rather rent a film than buy it outright, and still others want the freedom to share their movies across multiple devices.

That's why HTC Watch has a range of options: you can stream trailers to decide what you'd like to see, and you can choose from a wide selection of movie rentals and purchases. If you go for the buy-to-own option, you can share your purchased movies with up to five Watch-enabled devices.

The bigger picture

HTC Watch is part of a bigger picture. The HTC Flyer's support for the key multimedia file formats - .mp4, .avi, Xvid and many more - together with HTML5 and the latest version of Adobe Flash technology makes it a perfect player for the internet's top video sites.

You don't need to worry which format the site prefers: the HTC Flyer plays it all. From Hollywood blockbusters and TV box sets to videos of skateboarding cats, the HTC Flyer's fast processor, superb screen and integrated stereo speakers deliver stunning multimedia performance.