10-inch HTC Flyer tablet coming soon?

It does look tenuous but there could be some truth in the 10-inch HTC tablet rumour

HTC could be about to unleash a 10-inch HTC Flyer on an unsuspecting world, if a leaked screengrab of a Staples training programme is anything to go by.

The stationery retailer's US training programme lists a number of tablets from various manufacturers, among them this mysterious HTC tablet with a 10-inch screen, listed as 'HTC 10"'.

The tablet will launch running Android Honeycomb, according to the training system, and is 'coming soon'.

How soon is soon?

Of course, there's not a lot to go on and there's a definite chance we're looking at a Staples typo here – or a bit of wishful thinking from the training manager.

As usual, HTC chose not to comment on rumour and speculation but with the HTC Flyer coming in at just 7-inches, we wouldn't be surprised to see a larger model on the cards.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is also included in the inventory; we're expecting to see this slinky tablet make its debut at a Samsung event 22 March.

Via DroidLife