Misfit Command is a slick smart wearable that has year-long battery life


Looking for a slick, new wearable to slap on your wrist this holiday season? If style and long-lasting performance is high up on your checklist of must-haves, then look no further than the Misfit Command.

Distilled from the Android Wear 2.0-injected Misfit Vapor, the Command carries forward a similar design ID, but takes things a step further with waterproofing and a premium stainless steel chassis that's available in multiple colors: black steel, black copper, navy blue, and steel.

In terms of highlights, its year-long battery life is near the top. Misfit's previous hybrid smartwatch, Misfit Phase, could last up to six months, but at a year, we're really seeing things push forward in a good way here. Especially compared to battery performance in a smartwatch, this is a whole new ballgame.

Misfit commands you

Sure, one-year battery life is swell, but at what cost? The Misfit Command's regular asking price is $149, but is launching its pre-sale period today at a much lower cost of $119 and will see release on 11/28. Either price is acceptable, really, given the cost of analog watches can soar past the $500 mark fairly easily.

 We've only had a hands-on look at the Command so far, but like what we've seen. Its overhauled notification abilities are clearly laid out thanks to the new watch hand in the middle that points directly to the sort of notification you're getting on your phone, – no more dealing with confusing color codes as we saw in the Misfit Phase.

Stay tuned for our full review going up soon to get the entire picture of what Command has to offer, but if you're considering taking advantage of the lower launch price, it seems like a worthy purchase in our books.