Microsoft's smaller Xbox One adapter for PC may not be here this year

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's new Xbox Wireless Adapter — announced just a fortnight ago — appears to be experiencing delays, with US customers potentially having to wait until next year for the slimmed down peripheral.

Intended to ship in the US on August 8, it appears the redesigned dongle is now set to its placeholder date of January 31, 2018, according to Windows Central.

Though the Adapter may release earlier than that, it's currently expected the device will arrive in different markets first, beginning with Japan on August 24, before arriving in the US.


The new Xbox Wireless Adapter, which connects via USB to a Windows 10 PC to support up to eight Xbox One controllers wirelessly, offers identical functionality to the original model, but at a third of the size. It does keep the same price of $24.99

While it may be up to four or five months before Microsoft ships its redesigned Adapter, PC players looking to utilize the Xbox One's stellar gamepads aren't out of luck. 

A wired connection still allows Xbox One controllers to work on a PC over USB, and the old model of the Xbox Wireless Adapter is still available — so long as you don't mind 66% more bulk.

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