LinkedIn is solving one of its most annoying login issues

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LinkedIn is adding more steps to help users verify a profile’s legitimacy as it cracks down on fake accounts and bots on its platform.

The Microsoft-owned social media and networking platform is set to roll out two additional verification steps this week to help users confirm that they are who they say they are.

Select users will soon be able to verify their account with their phone number or work email account, which other users will then be able to check in a new ‘About this profile’ section. Also here will be information on when the account was created, and when its information was last updated.

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(Image credit: LinkedIn)

LinkedIn profile boost

On the company’s blog, Oscar Rodriguez, VP of Product Management at LinkedIn, noted the “plan is to start with a limited number of companies”, with more added in the future. 

It seems that LinkedIn will need to verify each company - and the domains it uses for its email addresses - before adding them to the program.

The ‘About this profile’ section is also set to roll out more widely across the platform, with quicker access from other pages like connection invitations and direct messages.

This is all in an effort to help users avoid spam messages, but LinkedIn promises that even more is going on behind the scenes, such as a new deep-learning-based model that’s set to determine whether profile pictures are AI-generated “without performing facial recognition or biometric analyses.”

The platform is also cracking down on users who proactively seek to move conversations to other platforms, like WeChat and WhatsApp. Typically seen in cryptocurrency scams, LinkedIn will now display a warning message where it notices this activity.

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