LG’s new 140-inch 4K laser projector is actually cheaper than its OLED TVs

(Image credit: LG)

For folks who want the biggest screen for the least amount of money, HD projectors have always offered a cost-effective solution - they offer a lot of screen real estate for not a lot of money. 

Unfortunately the same hasn’t been true for 4K projectors that, until very recently, have cost significantly more than their television counterparts. 

But LG could change that with its new 4K HDR projector that will retail for less than the cost of its 65-inch OLED TV. 

The new projector - the LG HU70LA - promises a picture up to 140 inches plus HDR support, WebOS 4.5, and TruMotion, LG’s motion control technology, all for $1,799 (around £1,440, AU$2,600). 

To put that number in perspective, LG’s new 65-inch C9 OLED costs $2,499 (£2,799, AU$5,589), which means the HU70LA will offer 75-inches more screen for around $700 less.

The drawback here is that the projector only puts out around 1,500 lumens - around 400ish nits of brightness if you compared it to a TV - and will require a bit of space to achieve that maximum screen size. If you want an ultra short throw projector and higher brightness you’ll have to step up to the new LG HU85LA that sells for $6,000 (around £4,860, AU$8,750). 

How does a 4K projector compare to a 4K TV?

There are some pros and cons about both display technologies, but the most obvious advantage is that TVs are usually brighter and offer better contrast, while projectors offer a larger screen size. 

Without seeing the LG HU70LA next to the LG C9 OLED it's tough to compare the two, but based on the specs, it seems very likely  that the above would hold true here, too.

What makes this news exciting, however, is that we're finally comparing apples-to-apples in terms of price and performance. Before we could only compare 4K TVs to projectors that would cost two to three times as much, or compare 4K TVs to HD projectors. We're now at a point where we can compare a 4K projector to a 4K TV.

So, when will we know how close the two home entertainment products stack up? Well, according to LG's website the projector is 'coming soon' so we won't have long to wait. 

Nick Pino

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