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Lenovo’s bending over backwards with its Yoga price-cutting on Black Friday

In another dollop of Black Friday leakage, Lenovo’s advert for its big deals on the day has been published online, highlighting many of the bargains you’ll be able to scoop from the heavyweight Chinese PC manufacturer.

The US advertisement shows a number of reductions across Lenovo’s Yoga models, including the company’s flagship 2-in-1. One Yoga 910 spec that normally retails at $1,270 (around £965) will be slashed by a hefty $470 (£355) on Black Friday, with a promotional price of $800 (£605).

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Another Yoga 910 spec also gets knocked down from $1,350 (£1,025) to $1,000 (£760), which is still an impressive saving of $350 (£265).

As mentioned, these discounts are for the US, but hopefully we’ll see them – or at least very similar offers – in the UK too.

The Yoga 720 – which already gets one of our ‘great value’ awards – will become even better value in the case of one model which will be reduced from $980 (£740) to $730 (£550), a saving of $250 (£190).

Gaming goodness

It’s not all about convertibles, of course, and Lenovo will also have major discounts on a couple of different variants of its gaming laptop, the Legion Y520. One model will be knocked down from $1,600 (£1,210) to $1,100 (£835), and a lesser spec will be reduced from $1,100 (£835) to a tempting $750 (£570). (Unfortunately, the ad doesn’t show any spec details of any of these machines).

Finally, for those after a lower-priced laptop, Lenovo’s IdeaPad 320 will be chopped from $450 (£340) to $380 (£290). And there are more deals than these besides – check out the full ad at BFAdsnet here – and doubtless we can expect further discounts on other hardware.

Via: BGR