Kaspersky boosts password manager on Windows, mobile

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The cybersecurity firm Kaspersky (opens in new tab) has updated its password manager (opens in new tab) with a number of improvements and new features across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

In order to make the Kaspersky Password Manager (opens in new tab) user experience cleaner and more transparent on Windows 10 (opens in new tab), the company has introduced a new dashboard filled with easy navigation tabs, real-time password security and even actionable advice. 

At the same time, managing password security is also easier for Windows users now that Kapserky's password manager groups passwords by their strength. The app uses the color green for strong passwords, the color yellow for passwords that are not unique and the color red for both weak and compromised passwords.

Kaspersky Password Manager has also been updated for Mac to work with devices running Apple's new M1 chips (opens in new tab). This new version of the company's password manager for Mac has a more polished appearance and even allows Safari users to copy their card numbers, addresses and login data directly from its browser extension.

IOS and Android improvements

The iOS version of Kaspersky Password Manager has been upgraded so that now users can scan multiple-page documents as well as quickly import documents. Additionally users can combine multiple scans into a single PDF (opens in new tab) and all of these improvements make it easier for users to quickly and safely store their most sensitive documents.

The Android version of the Kaspersky's password manager has also been updated and it now supports a total of 10 different browsers (opens in new tab) including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi (opens in new tab) and more to allow users to autofill data. The company's Password Check feature has also been added to its Android app after previously only being available on other platforms. A dark mode and support for Huawei smartphones (opens in new tab) were part of the new update as well.

Head of consumer product marketing at Kaspersky, Maarina Titova provided further insight in press release (opens in new tab) on why consumers should consider using a password manager if they're not already doing so, saying:

“User account information (such as passwords) is one of the most sought-after things by cybercriminals, because it allows access to personal data. At the same time, the growing list of online services requiring authorization increases the risks for consumers: banks, shops, accounts in online games, training courses, social networks, etc. To help consumers manage this smoothly and securely, there are tools like our Password Manager. This provides encrypted storage of not only passwords but also valuable personal data, with automatic access from any device.”

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