Jaguar I-Pace launch brings a new Tesla Model X rival to the all-electric SUV arena

The Jaguar I-Pace is official. More than a year since the I-Pace Concept was unveiled, the British car manufacturer has now launched its first full-electric car.

It slides into the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) category, which means it'll be going head-to-head with the Tesla Model X.

It's not quite a big as the Model X, with the new Jaguar offering seats for up to five adults, while the Tesla can go to seven seats.

What you do get though is a 90kWh battery capable of delivering up to 298 miles per charge - although the likelihood is it'll be a little less in real life unless your driving is textbook economical.

Jaguar also says the I-Pace will be able to do 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds, ensuring that it has enough punch from the get-go. It's not quite as brisk as Tesla's 0-60 in 2.9 seconds Ludicrous Mode - but that is a pricey optional extra.

In terms of charging, from 50kW chargers you'll be able to replenish from 0% to 80% in 85 minutes, while a 30 minute charge will be good for around 80 miles of travel. It is also compatible with the 100kW fast chargers, allowing you top up even quicker with the 0% to 80% time slashed to 40 minutes.

Charging at home over a standard 7kW wall box connection will be much slower, with ten hours required to achieve an 85% top up from empty - which is fine for overnight.

Alexa, is my car locked?

Jaguar is also launching an Amazon Alexa skill for the I-Pace, which will allow you to ask your smart home assistant various questions about the car.

Examples include 'is my car locked?', 'what is the charging level?' and 'do I have enough range to get to work?'

The I-Pace is the first Jaguar to offer over-the-air software updates - a service Tesla already offers for all its models - ensuring the car has also the latest patches, fixes and features.

The Jaguar I-Pace isn't cheap, with prices starting at £63,495 (around $87,000, AU$110,000), but the Model X is a touch pricier.

That figure also doesn't include any government incentives for owning an electric vehicle, so you'll be in line for a little bit of money back.

John McCann
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