Your embarrassing Google Search history is now downloadable

Now you can download and search your entire Google Search History from all time
"What does YOLO mean"

The good people at Google have made it possible for you to download an archive of everything you've ever searched for.

Well, everything you've ever searched for while logged in to your Google Account and not using Private Browsing.

For example, I can now tell you that I spent a good three days in 2013 systematically researching the cast of Independence Day for no obvious reason.

Now that's what I call a close encounter

Your Google Search history can be quite revealing - it's not something you want your parents or potential mates to ever read. Every minor but embarrassing ailment you've ever had, every terrible film, questionable celebrity crush and vaguely illegal activity you've ever looked into laid out like a map around your psyche.

Some people even have to Google every internet acronym before they can join in on Twitter. You wouldn't want your cool internet pals to find that out, would you?

It's also sobering to remember (or realise, if you've been living in blissful ignorance) that Google has all this on you - everything you've ever had a passing interest in forever linked to your name and email address.

Maybe this development has inspired to delete your past searches: here's how you can do that.

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