Yahoo switches on OpenID sign ins

Yahoo - we may have taken some exclamation marks out of this article

Yahoo has finally gone over to the OpenID system, allowing people to sign into the network with their Google and Facebook logins.

Yahoo is desperately seeking to become more relevant to the modern internet audience, and it has taken a positive step with the adoption of OpenID.

"Today we're excited to announce that on Thursday, 20 January, Yahoo opens to third-party user authentication with Facebook and Google logins (via OpenID) across the Yahoo! Network," said the company's statement.

Big potential audience

"Hundreds of millions of Facebook and Google users will be able to easily sign in and interact on Yahoo using their Facebook or Google IDs," it continued

"This eliminates the proverbial necessity of registering for yet another new ID and remembering yet another password.

"From Yahoo's perspective, any signed-in user engaging with Yahoo services is a valued user, whether she [sic] authenticates using a Yahoo, Facebook, or Google ID."

Yahoo is still a powerful influence on the internet, but the once mighty company has struggled to stay in touch with the likes of Google and Facebook.

This move at least gives the network a chance of attracting a new audience by making logging in simpler.