Wabbadabba: Use a search engine, win a prize


Google's stranglehold on the search engine market is such that you need something pretty different to even get a look in.

Wabbadabba's approach is simple: use our search engine and we'll give you things.

Winning formula

The name may be silly, and it may be pandering to our greediest instincts, but it's a concept that's working for the Bristol-based company.

Each day a number of prizes are randomly allocated to users of the site - anything from a £5 Amazon voucher to a 42-inch plasma TV.

The service also has a strong social networking flavour. While signing up is only essential to claim a prize, it does give you access to Wabbadabba's other key attraction.

A friend in need...

If anyone you recommend as a 'Friend' wins a prize, you receive the same prize yourself.

It's a simple formula that's clearly effective. With searches powered by Yahoo, Wabbadabba has grown quickly to over a quarter of a million visitors a month since its official launch in August.

The company plans to add image searches to the site in the next week, with versions for the iPhone and iPod touch in development. And given the social referral aspect to the service, the inevitable Facebook app can't be far away.