Twitter mania as DS gets tweets and ads pop up

Here a Twitter, there a Twitter, everywhere a Twitter...

With every device from mobile phones to fridges connected to the internet these days, there's clearly endless scope to waste vast tranches of time, with microblogging site Twitter one of the chief culprits.

However, not every connected gadget can deliver the Twitter experience properly, which is why a Spanish hacker has figured out a ridiculously convoluted way to force his Nintendo DS to get tweeting.

Proof of concept

DSTwitter appears to run just as advertised and, if you don't mind grappling with the Spanish instructions, could be useful. Still, you could always just use your phone to tweet by email.

Meanwhile, a new service has appeared offering the most popular Twitter users a way to place advertising on their own pages on the site.

Thought this through?

TwittAd uses the ability to customise a page's design to sneak in a single advert on the left-hand side. Yes - that's the Twitter page that generally only the user looks at; followers see his or her tweets in a feed page of their own.

Anyway, the idea is that Twitterers with hundreds of followers can try to expose them to ads, from which the user gets a share of the revenue.

At the time of writing, we saw users securing riches ranging from $1 (55p) to $30 (£16.80) – hang on to those day jobs, eh?

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