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Primark generation seeks out bargains online

Auction sites like eBay are great for snapping up bargains online

Contrary to popular opinion, younger people are the most thrifty when it comes to shopping online, a new survey has revealed.

Over three-quarters of 18 to 24-year-olds said price was their top priority when shopping online, scoring it higher than brand affinity in a survey by web analytics firm Coremetrics.

Getting a good deal

In fact, 77 per cent of those in the 18 to 24 bracket claimed that the thrill of getting a good deal outweighed the need to go with a recognised brand. They said it was the most likely factor to influence them to make an online purchase.

"Online sites can learn valuable lessons from the high street where the 'Primark generation' has turned its back on expensive designer labels and instead is hunting for bargain offers," said Richard Sheppard, vice president at Coremetrics.

Older people, however, are more likely to stick to reliable brands when shopping online, the survey found. Almost double the number of over-55s said their decision was brand-related.

"The attitude of the older generation is very different. They generally look for trusted, reliable brands and are willing to pay a premium for the comfort factor that familiarity brings," added Sheppard.

The research, conducted by research firm YouGov, covered 2,000 consumers from a range of age groups and backgrounds.