Facebook Graph Search now lets users search by posts, status updates

Graph Search update
Do the Graph Search boogie

Facebook's Graph Search has been turning up oddly specific results for several months now, but one feature it missed is the ability to search for things like posts and status updates.

We think you can see where we're going, but we'll lay it out for you: Starting today, Facebook folk can plug in status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments in the Graph Search bar, and voila, there those items are.

As told by Facebook, users can search for topics they're interested by entering something like "Posts about Breaking Bad by my friends," posts about a city, place or a certain time, and posts users want to see again, accomplished with prompts like "Posts I commented on" or "My posts from 2012."

There is a slight catch in that the feature is doing a slow roll, heading out to a small number of Graph Search users first. In other words, don't be surprised if you can't look up "Posts written at Machu Picchu" just yet.

Graph Search

Privacy please

Just like current Graph Search results, only content that's shared with users will be visible when the updates go into affect.

This includes posts shared publicly by people users aren't friends with.

Facebook will digest any feedback and work to improve the updated Graph Search experience, and we'll keep an ear out for a full release time frame.

Graph Search recently opened for all who've set U.S. English as their default language, so users outside the United States may be part of the initial roll-out group.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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