SoundCloud joins with Instagram for Story Wheel

SoundCloud Story Wheel
Pictures of people sleeping isn't the best slideshow topic

Audio recording and sharing site SoundCloud has released a new feature call Story Wheel to celebrate reaching the 10 million users milestone.

The Story Wheel feature hooks into Instagram, allowing users to create a slideshow of Instagram snaps with a voiceover from SoundCloud.

SoundCloud founders Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss have made their own Story Wheel that briefly tells the story of SoundCloud and says thank you to its users.

The Story Wheel slideshows "project" the square Instagram pics within a scene including a projector on a table to complete the effect.

When will it end?

Like a real slideshow, there's no telling how long it's going to last, and no way to pause or rewind it – you're at the mercy of the Story Wheel's creator.

Story Wheel was created by two SoundCloud employees at a hackathon last year, and is the latest product from SoundCloud Labs which showcases experimental projects.

After launching in 2008, SoundCloud only just passed the five million users mark last year, indicating just how fast the growth of the service has been over the last six months.

On top of reaching the 10 million users milestone, over five million official SoundCloud apps have been downloaded and there are over 10,000 apps in development on SoundCloud's open platform, including ones that integrate with professional music software Pro Tools and Cakewalk.

It's not just music that SoundCloud deals in, either, as its content has been labelled with over 3.3 million tags, with audio from books and lectures to bloggers and journalists.

If you're interested in making your own slideshow, head over to and start narrating your own show, just spare a thought for the person who might end up watching it.