Top Twitter and Facebook trends for 2010 revealed

Facebook and Twitter - a trend, a friend, an old memoria
Facebook and Twitter - a trend, a friend, an old memoria

Twitter and Facebook have looked through their top trends for the year and come up with what is a decent representation of 2010, according to social networks.

In the top spot for words that appeared on Facebook in 2010 is the acronym 'HMU'.

Now, unless you are au fait with Bieber or know how to whip your hair, you may not know that HMU stand for 'hit me up' – as in contact me, not punch me in the face.

Facebook's top 10 also has the 'World Cup' at number 2, 'iPad and iPhone' at number 3 and words relating to a variety of real world incidents, including 'Haiti' (5) and 'miners'.

Interestingly, Facebook seems to be full of folks who don't like to live in the now as '2011' managed to slip into tenth place on the Facebook Memology list.

Trending places

Twitter's trend list is a lot more consistent to the highs (and lows) of 2010. At number 1 is the 'Gulf Oil Spill', with 'Inception' and 'Haiti Earthquake' close behind.

The World Cup bags three mentions in the list. 'Fifa World Cup' is at number 2, with 'Vuvuzela' at 5 and 'Pulpo Paul' – the octopus who predicted scores – at 10.

Finally, the world was definitely a dark place in 2010 as internet-meme-cum-superstar Justin Bieber gets a mention in both the Twitter and Facebook lists.


Facebook UK has contacted TechRadar about the UK specific status trends for Facebook and it seems that us Brits prefer Wagner to HMU, David Cameron to Haiti and One Direction to Chilean Miners.

The full UK top 10 is below:

  • World Cup
  • Wagner
  • Cher
  • Rooney
  • One Direction
  • British Soldiers
  • David Cameron
  • John James
  • Tinie Tempah
  • Celebrity Juice
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