Spoti-friday: you control our Friday playlist!

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Help us create the perfect Friday playlist!

There's no use denying it – Spotify is the coolest, tastiest thing in music since Vanilla Ice!

But while Vanilla Ice remains a textbook example of a one-hit wonder, Spotify's presence on the music scene is set to last much longer.

It could even change the industry completely, and haul it out of the DRM-ravaged, pirate-infested choppy waters of the 21st century.

Just in case you've been locked in a cupboard listening to Ice Ice Baby for the last three months, Spotify is a music player like iTunes – but all the music is free. It's all streamed from the Spotify severs (with more than a little P2P mixed in) and it's all funded using advertising.

One of the great things about a massive music archive stored in the cloud, is that you can create playlists and share them with your friends using a simple HTTP link. By choosing to make a playlist collaborative, you can allow anyone to add songs to it.

And this is how we're able to introduce Spoti-friday - it's your chance to decide what gets played in the TechRadar offices in the UK, as well as in Japan and the USA. We'll create a new playlist every Friday, and each week we'll have a different theme to get you started.

If you're on Spotify already, you just need to click the link below in order to add our Friday playlist to your sidebar. If you're not on Spotify yet, go to to sign up for free (it's not available in the US yet - sorry). Once you're done, search for songs and drag them onto the playlist - easy!

This week's theme: epic Friday afternoon chillout classics

James Rivington

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