Open Rights campaign steps up over Digital Economy Bill

Digital Economy Bill gets second reading in parliament today - and hopefully will be debated in the House of Commons

It is looking increasingly likely that the Prime Minster, Gordon Brown is going to take a trip to Buckingham Palace today to ask the Queen to dissolve parliament in time for a general election next month on 6 May.

This is on the same day that the controversial Digital Economy Bill gets a second reading in parliament and gets debated by MPs in the House of Commons. (Well, that's what many hope!).

Open Rights campaign

The Open Rights Group has advertised in today's Guardian and Times newspapers demanding that MPs give the bill a "proper" debate - claiming:

"On Tuesday, the digital economy bill, with all its myriad problems, will be voted on its second reading – after the election has been declared. It will then be pushed through 'wash-up' – and become law without full scrutiny"

There is opposition to the bill from many, including photographers complaining that its treatment of orphan works is unfair.

Some have asserted that it would effectively curtail free Wi-Fi services in Universities, hotels and libraries. And many have campaigned against the idea of a 'three strikes' policy to combat online piracy.

Via The Guardian