New Google AI app could be Hangouts and Now, rolled into one


Google is reportedly working on an app that sounds like the company's Hangouts and Google Now, all rolled into one.

There really isn't much details provided, but according to the report from the Wall Street Journal, Google has been working on a messenger app that basically includes an AI bot.

It makes us think of Facebook's M, a personal assistant that lives inside the social media platform's Messenger app, and let's you search for and complete tasks, like making dinner reservations.

But... why?

If Google is working on such an app, it's currently unclear how it would work, especially as it already has the established messaging app Hangouts and an AI assistant through Google Now.

So while it does make sense for Google to begin cooking search functions into a messaging app, it's unclear if the AI functionality would be added to Hangouts - or if it would be a combination that replaces both Hangouts and Google Now.

It would, however, make sense for Google to bake in Now capabilities into such an app, as most information - like calendars, weather, and personal interest Cards - is already collected by your Google account.

But while we're going to take this report with a grain of salt and a scratch to the head, if Google does end up launching such an app, one thing is clear - Google wants to keep its messaging app as relevant and as Facebook's Messenger app.