New beta of Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft launches a beta for new version of Microsoft Security Essentials free anti-malware software

Microsoft has announced a new beta version of its free Security Essentials antivirus and anti-malware protection software this week.

The latest beta version of Microsoft Security Essentials features improved protection against network-based attacks.

Clean as a whistle

While access to the beta is currently restricted, it is a good time to download the original Microsoft Security Essentials software for your PC.

As far as the new features planned by Microsoft for the next version of its anti-malware software, Microsft Security Essentials will integrate with Internet Explorer for improved protection against web-based threats - stopping malicious scripts from running immediately.

The current version of Microsoft Security Essentials can only detect such scripts when they are in the users' Internet Explorer cache, which could well be too late.

The new Security Essentials will also offer improved protection against any suspicious network traffic, working with the Windows Filtering Platform.

This means the new Security Essentials features will only work on Vista or Windows 7 machines, not on those older machines still running Windows XP.

The beta has been made available to those that want to try it out via Microsoft Connect