Jobs beats Ballmer and Schmidt in T3's Tech 100

T3 Tech 100 - are you in it?
T3 Tech 100 - are you in it?

T3 has announced its annual Tech 100, where it rates the biggest names in technology, revealing that Steve Jobs has nabbed the top spot.

The list was compiled by a number of industry experts, including journalists from the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard,

Financial Times

and acts as a marker of how well a company is doing that year.

Jobs was chosen by T3 – which shares TechRadar's publishing company – as he "embodies Apple, propelling the company forward as the instigator and first true genius of the tech lifestyle age."

And we thought it was because he was secretly a ninja!

Defining technology

Luke Peter's, editor of T3 magazine, said about the list: "The T3 Tech 100 is our measure of those who have shaped the UK consumer technology market over the last year.

"The team has spent 12 months designing the list, working with a selection of the UK's best technology journalists to refine the final placements.

"Apple may have had a horror story with 'Antennagate' but, in our mind, there's no doubt how Steve Jobs' continued vision is shaping the mainstream's outlook regarding how consumer technology looks, works and how it defines them."

If you want to check out the list of the 100 most powerful men and women in tech – it's not strongest, as if it was it would include technology's very own muscle man Bruce Pechman – then head over to

The list will also feature in in the November issue of T3, on sale Thursday, 16 September, with a coverprice of £4.25.

The top ten of tech titans is below:

  1. Steve Jobs (CEO – Apple; Director – Walt Disney Corp)
  2. Steve Ballmer (CEO – Microsoft)
  3. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page & Sergey Brin (CEO & Co-founders, Google)
  4. Terry Gou (Chairman & President – Foxconn)
  5. Paul Otellini (CEO – Intel)
  6. Mark Zuckerberg (Founder & CEO – Facebook)
  7. Lee Yoon-Woo (CEO – Samsung Electronics)
  8. Andy Rubin (Vice President, Engineering – Google)
  9. Yong Nam (Vice Chairman & CEO – LG Electronics)
  10. Satoru Iwata (President & CEO, Nintendo)
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