Government wants to throttle illegal downloaders

It used to be cannons that stopped the pirates - now the world is resorting to bandwidth throttling

The idea of the 'three-strikes' rule in the UK may be out of the window, but it seems the government is looking into ways of throttling bandwidth to those who download copyright material illegally from the internet.

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has said he was looking into "technical solutions" to help aid in the fight against web pirates.

The idea was that they would try and get ISPs to "limit or restrict" internet bandwidth for repeat offenders who consistently abuse file-sharing websites.

Full throttle

The technology is already in place for bandwidth throttling to take place. Only this week, the BBC pointed out that BT curbs its internet speeds at peak times on its lower-rate packages.

This is something which is not uncommon with most ISPs in the UK.

Quite how the government intends to use this tech, and how and when it will implement it is still unknown.

Via PC Advisor