Google 'significantly enhances' realtime search

Google's realtime search
Google's realtime search

Google has launched a dedicated page for its realtime search, with the internet giants indicating the 'significant enhancements' they have brought to the feeds of content.

Google's realtime search – which arrived at the end of last year – is one of the most significant changes the company has made to its search - recognising the growing importance of the likes of Twitter feeds.

Now you can look at just the realtime data at

"Today we're making our most significant enhancements to date, giving real-time information its own home and more powerful tools to help you find what you need," blogged Google's Dylan Casey.

"On the new homepage you'll find some great tools to help you refine and understand your results.

"First, you can use geographic refinements to find updates and news near you, or in a region you specify."

Conversations vew

"In addition, we've added a conversations view, making it easy to follow a discussion on the real-time web," he continued

"Often a single tweet sparks a larger conversation of re-tweets and other replies, but to put it together you have to click through a bunch of links and figure it out yourself.

"With the new 'full conversation' feature, you can browse the entire conversation in a single glance. We organise the tweets from oldest to newest and indent so you quickly see how the conversation developed.

"Finally, we've also added updates content to Google Alerts, making it easy to stay informed about a topic of your choosing."

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