Filesharers outline digital media manifesto to end piracy

'Don't make me steal', beg the film-lovers
'Don't make me steal', beg the film-lovers

A group of filesharers have put together a document outlining how film studios and download services can put an end to piracy by meeting their demands.

With pricing, choice and digital rights addressed, the comprehensive manifesto was put together by 20 web professionals at a digital technology conference in Geneva.

Hand on heart

"I promise never to illegally download a movie if there was a legal alternative following the criteria on this page…" begins the site.

It goes on to require clear and fair pricing, wide-ranging language options, instant ad-free availability, global release dates and DRM-free files.

Driven by a love for movies, the manifesto is a bit of a utopian dream. Media moguls and rights holders from competing studios and content distribution companies are unlikely to put such a flat process in place.

Deep-rooted issues

Regardless of viability, the manifesto serves as a fair assessment of the problems in the digital media industry driving people to piracy and proves that many are willing to pay for digital media.

So far, 1,607 people have signed the manifesto.

Pierre Spring, one of the leaders of the movement, said: "I hope 'Don't Make Me Steal' will show the movie industry that people who love movies are just waiting for them to leave their legacy business models and embrace the digital distribution."


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