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Facebook hits 900 million active users, moving rapidly towards 1 billion

Facebook hits 900 million active members, moving rapidly towards 1 billion
One billion active Facebook users. Expect an announcement soon

Facebook now has an astonishing 901 million active monthly members, which is up almost a third since the end of quarter one of 2011, when it recorded 680m.

The social network, which revealed an intriguing set of financials ahead of its planned IPO, will surely hit one billion active members within the next few months and almost certainly before the end of 2012.

525m of those MUAs (Monthly Users Active) use the site on a daily basis.

Revenue up, profits down

The S1 filing to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) comes with the IPO rumoured to be happening on May 17 or May 24.

Revenue is up for Facebook, once again scaling the billion dollar mark to $1.06bn (650m), which is up from $731 million (£453m) this time last year. However, it's slightly down on Q4 2011.

A number of factors, including rising marketing and R&D costs, resulted in a fall in profits from $233 million (£144m) to $205 million (£127m).

Instagram deal detailed

That profit would have been completely wiped out had Facebook's purchase of Instagram happened prior to March 31st.

The filing reveals that Mark Zuckerberg paid Instagram $300 million (£186m) in cash for the company, along with 23 million shares in Facebook. All in all, the purchase was valued at a billion dollars

On the Instagram acquisition, the filing reads: "Following the closing of this acquisition, we plan to maintain Instagram's products as independent mobile applications to enhance our photos product offerings and to enable users to increase their levels of mobile engagement and photo sharing."

Although, that's nothing we didn't already know, had the deal not gone smoothly, it would have cost Facebook a $200 million break-up fee.