Facebook hit 1 trillion page views in June

Facebook hit 1 trillion page views in June
Back-slapping at Facebook HQ today, no doubt

Facebook hit one trillion page views in June 2011, according to Google-owned ad network Double-click.

That means pages on the social network were viewed a hell of a lot by the 870,000,000 unique users that visited Facebook in the same month.

To explain, every time you click on anything in Facebook you're contributing a page view - so flicking through photo galleries, liking pages, visiting friends' profiles are all classed as page views. Each time you did any of those things in June you contributed to that trillion figure.

It's also ten-times as many page views as the next most-viewed site, YouTube, managed in the same month - it's worth bearing in mind that these figures are estimated but as a 'by Google' service, we're inclined to trust doubleclick's judgement.


Elsewhere in the land of Facebook, the social network could be looking to introduce its own photo filters to its mobile app.

Apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram have proven hugely popular with users desperate to give their blurry smartphone shots a vintage look.

The New York Times reports that "Facebook will introduce almost a dozen photo filters, including some that are similar to Instagram like old-style camera lenses and grainy film.

"Facebook will also try to introduce new styles of filters with the hopes of drawing users away from other photo apps."

According to the same report, Facebook recently tried and failed to acquire Instagram, leading the Zuckerberg-led network to try its own hand at the social photo sharing game.

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