Facebook Deals: the UK bargains coming to Places near you

Facebook Deals - taking you places
Facebook Deals - taking you places

Facebook Deals launched in the UK this week, and there are already a number of companies clambering over themselves to offer the best deals for you to check into through Places.

The likes of Starbucks, Mazda and even Alton Towers, are offering deals exclusively to those who check into their places of worship through Facebook Places.

Interestingly, Facebook has said that it won't be getting any money whatsover from the deals that are in place through the new service - although we reckon there will be a knock-on effect for those who currently advertise on the site.

For those interested in Facebook Places and the incentives now offered, here's a list of the first deals to hit the UK from today and throughout the year.

Tower power

Alton Towers is opening its doors 18 February exclusively to anyone who checks in through Facebook Places on that day.

You can also tag (up to) three friends and they get free entry. The first 100 people to check in also nab a free one night stay in one of the themed Resort Hotels.

The Valentine's Day mascara

Valentine's Day marks Debenhams and Benefit's big giveaway. On 14 February, 1,000 free mascaras and makeovers will be given to the first 10 check ins at each Benefit counter at Debenhams stores across the UK.

The car's the star

It's not just retail outfits getting in on the action. From today and until 7 March, the car bods at Mazda will be offering the chance to win one of five Mazda MX-5 Miyako's for the summer!

And you will also offer up 20 per cent discount to customers interested in buying the MX-5.

O2's factor of 10

O2 is now offering 10 per cent off all accessories, including gaming kit in all of its stores.

And if you can wait until the 5 February, the first four customers will receive a free Xbox 360 in 26 of its stores and the first two customers will receive a free Playstation3 in 18 stores when bought with any new or upgrade mobile consumer contract only.

You can find out which stores are in on the deal, by going to the O2 blog.


From today, the first 30,000 customers who check in to participating Starbucks stores will receive a free tall filter coffee.

And if you are hungry, then customers can also get a free piece of cake with the purchase of two drinks at participating stores on any Saturday throughout February.

Oh baby, I like it raw

YO! Sushi is from today giving away £60,000 worth of food – which equates to 2000 meals. The first 1000 diners to check in to a participating restaurants, tag their friend and show a member of staff the confirmation message on the screen will get the food and drink.

Ushering in Facebook Deals

Usher is using Facebook deals to make you wanna see him at the O2 Arena. Essentially chek in at the Arena to get 20 per cent off Usher's new album and a free remix of his track Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home). You can get both of these from the official merchandise stand on the London dates of his OMG Tour this week.

Charity begins at Places

Not all these deals are serving you with discounts you know; there's also a little bit of charidee as well.

From today Argos will donate £1 to its national charity partner Teenage Cancer Trust for the first 10,000 customers that check-in at an Argos stores this week.

Benetton has also chosen to support a charity. Starting today and throughout February, Benetton will donate £2 for each check-in in select stores in Europe.

The charity benefiting from this is Architecture for Humanity, an association which applies design and architecture to social projects.

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