Unitrends launches a free disaster recovery tool

The Unitrends backup report
The Unitrends backup report

Unitrends has launched a free tool designed to enable companies to build and execute a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

The tool, BC/DR Link, is ideal for organizations that can't afford to dedicate the resources required to purchase premium disaster recovery solutions, such as Unitrends' hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service solution.

BC/DR provides users with the necessary instructions to build out a disaster recovery plan with limited IT expertise. The BC/DR Link package includes one gigabyte of centralized storage in Unitrends' cloud.

The pricier model

In April, Unitrends released a bundled backup, archiving and disaster recovery software package for mid-market and large enterprises. The package was priced at $1,999 (about £1,188, or AU$2,157).

Founded in 1989, Unitrends specializes in backup appliances for business continuity. Based in Columbia, S.C., the company has approximately 4000 customers globally but has yet to announce more than $100 million in revenue.

Disaster recovery all around

Earlier this year, Oracle launched a new Database Backup Service and Storage Cloud Service designed to provide quick and easy backup and recovery of data from on-premises databases or from the Oracle Cloud.

Two days prior, IBM said SoftLayer clients had been granted access to disaster recovery and security services that are designed to ensure data security and continuity during breaches and disaster-related events.