Microsoft improves hybrid management across clouds


Amidst all the noise about Windows 10, Microsoft has announced an Operations Management Suite (OMS) that allows enterprises to keep a handle on servers across cloud and bricks-and-mortar data centres.

First reported by Venture Beat, the product allows companies to simplify assets held in a hybrid setup and take control of any physical, virtual or container instance across any cloud whether it be inside an internal data centre, or on Azure, AWS, Windows Server, VMware or OpenStack.

"The suite enables the management of any instance in any cloud," Mike Schutz, general manager of product marketing at Microsoft's Server and Tools division, told VentureBeat in an interview.

OMS's main jobs are to track and manage log analytics, security, availability, and automation to bring to market an offering that costs a lot less than comparable products, according to Microsoft.

Much more coming soon

"I think from a broad-based standpoint, we feel that in customers' journey to the cloud, hybrid is really what makes our approach unique, and so all the investments we're making are to make our customers data centers and the servers that they run be the edge of our cloud. It blurs the line between private cloud and public cloud," Schutz added.

OMS is out now and Microsoft added that it will bring even more capabilities at a "rapid pace" and in the next 12 months cloud-based patching, inventory, alerting, container management and a lot else besides will become part of the offering.