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BitTorrent Bundle is an in-torrent 'record store'

BitTorrent Bundle
Bundles of content

BitTorrent – the service you may or may not be using to illegally download Game of Thrones - is determined to show the world it's not a force for evil as people might think.

To do so it's partnered up with label Ultra Music (home of David Guetta) to launch an alpha version of its new torrent-based service named Bundle.

Bundle files will work similar to traditional torrents, but instead offer some of the downloadable content for free while users will need to take additional steps to access further material - like offering an email address or a monetary 'donation'.


A lot of the specifics are still a mystery but the question BitTorrent is asking is, "What if the record store was inside the album instead?"

One of the main aims is to appeal to the content creators themselves, offering an alternative to traditional means of distribution that might be more appropriate in a new era of download behaviour.

"We know that BitTorrent users will support artists, and spend money (more money than their peers) on content," Christian Averall, BitTorrent's director of communications, told us. "Our job is to make the transaction easier.

BitTorrent has also posted a short video explainer for the new service, which you can watch below.