Ballmer brands Dropbox a 'little startup' for its paltry 100 million users

Ballmer brands Dropbox a little startup for its paltry 100 million users

What does 100 million users get you? The title of "little startup", according to Steve Ballmer who used the term to describe Dropbox this week.

In a speech we can only describe as irritatingly arrogant, Microsoft's CEO bragged that Office with its Dropbox-competitor Skydrive is a lot bigger than little Dropbox.

"You've got to remember 100 million sounds like a pretty small number to me, actually," he told Business Week. "We've got a lot more Office users."

Mighty Microsoft

Yeah and Microsoft's dad is bigger than Dropbox's dad, we suppose. But it's nothing personal, he added:

"I'm not beating on Dropbox. They're a fine little startup and that's great."

In fact, 100 million users is just about half of what Skydrive had in October last year, so we'd say that independent Dropbox isn't doing too badly compared to tech behemoth Microsoft. In fact, you might say that Microsoft's cloud product could be doing a little better, hmm?

Other little startups of note include Windows Live (RIP) and Instagram.

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