85 per cent of British blokes NOT on Twitter

Only 15 per cent of British Blokes are Tweeting
Only 15 per cent of British Blokes are Tweeting

A recent survey of British males indicates that we increasingly use computers rather than our TVs as our main source of news and information but only 15 per cent of them are Twitterers.

75 per cent of the 5,000 British blokes in the Askmen.com survey admitted to using their PC or Mac as their main portal for information and entertainment, compared with a paltry 18 per cent now using the television.

Also surprising is the finding that a whopping 85 per cent of those 5000 Brits surveyed still do not use Twitter, yet at the same time 41 per cent of them would still like to see Stephen Fry as the next Prime Minister.

Evolved views

AskMen.com reports that British men "are beginning to mix more traditional values about marriage and partnership, alongside more evolved views about sex, politics and technology."

It also seems that we Brits still have some serious anger management issues to deal with, even though 68 per cent "would not punch their boss in the face, even if they could get away with it, although 50 per cent would punch a colleague if they had the same opportunity."

"Our survey demonstrates how complex men are having to become in 2009. Core traditional values mixed with more liberal views seem to be the theme as men take a pick-and-mix attitude to morality and sexual behaviour," commented Andrew Lubega, AskMen.com UK editor.

The survey was conducted on the AskMen between 8th June and 13th July 2009, and the full results can now be seen over at uk.askmen.com

Adam Hartley