7digital adds FLAC download section to website

7digital - happily taking the FLAC
7digital - happily taking the FLAC

UK music download service 7digital has announced that it has overhauled its website to showcase the lossless FLAC audio format more - giving it a dedicated section on the site.

7digital has always been a massive proponent of lossless audio and reckons more labels and artists are warming to FLAC as well, so expect new albums to be made available in the format in the near future.

The service is currently the only one that offers 24-bit FLAC but you can also download 16-bit files as well.

High-quality demand

"There's an increasing demand amongst consumers for higher quality music downloads," explained Ben Drury, CEO at 7digital.

"Internet connected music devices that provide a 'better-than-CD' quality sound are becoming commonplace in the home.

"These devices rely on higher quality digital music downloads to provide superior quality music playback, and appeal to a broader base of consumers beyond the average audiophile.

"We're already in talks with the major and key independent labels about offering more FLAC downloads from 7digital stores, and expect to make more tracks and albums available as demand from consumers increases."

FLAC albums will be made available on the site from £9.99.

Marc Chacksfield

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