Intel reveals Arc Alchemist details but stays silent on the one thing we all want to know

A pair of Intel Arc Alchemist chips in front of a dark purple background
(Image credit: Intel)

Intel’s latest video showcased one of its Arc Alchemist graphics card, the Arc A750 specifically, in action.

The video, as reported by Digital Trends, shows the Intel Arc card running Death Stranding at impressive frame rates between 85 and 100 on the default setting. 

The graphics card is running with a Core i9-12900K processor and an Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard, while using a dual monitor setup of a 4K 120Hz Acer model and Alienware QD-OLED display. It’s clear that Intel was using the Acer monitor to test out the variable refresh rates (VRR) capabilities, which the A750 is fully compatible with. 

The A750 is also able to support HDMI 2.1 and manufacturers will have the option of installing a protocol converter in order to turn a DisplayPort 1.4 into HDMI 2.1.

Analysis: Where’s the release date?

The major problem with this demonstration isn’t what was shown but what wasn’t announced, namely, the release date.

Intel has so far released the Intel Arc Alchemist in China, with a limited release in India as well. But as for the global release date — mum’s the word so far. And considering that Team Blue has some stiff competition from Team Red, the fact that we still don’t know when these cards will release is worrisome.

There’s also some speculation that the Arc cards may not be as fast as we first thought, which if true would be another notch in the disaster belt. Though that speculation was surrounding the A380, it’s something that might apply to other models as well.

The only way we'll know is by getting out hands on these cards ourselves to test, so hopefully Intel will give us some firm info for a release date soon.

Allisa James
Computing Staff Writer

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