Independent Home walk-in tub

Independent Home walk-in tub review
Independent Home offers a seamless installation process, taking the stress out of buying a walk-in tub (Image credit: Independent Home)

In our Independent Home walk-in tub evaluation, we look at why you may want to choose this brand if you want a stress-free installation. And while there are just eight walk-in bath models, there’s a version for every type of person, from wheelchair accessible tubs to bariatric tubs. We also look at the warranty and pricing, comparing what we know about Independent Home’s pricing structure with other brands. Overall, while the walk-in tubs are average, Independent Home’s best feature is the professional installation, which is include with the quote you receive. 

About Independent Home

Independent Home’s mission statement is simple, “We're here to help you experience a safe, enjoyable bathing experience by alleviating the stress and heartache associated with mobility problems. Our walk in tubs can get you back to living independently and comfortably, and allow you to stay in your home longer.” With over 15 years of experience in the industry and a lot of content on their website (be prepared to read), Independent Home certainly goes out of their way to help you make the best, most informed decision.

Independent Home walk-in tub review

With chromotherapy options in the Independent Home walk-in bath, you improve the ambience of your bath with colored lights. (Image credit: Independent Home)

The mission statement also goes on to promise 100 percent satisfaction and comfort with an expert installation, as they only work with expertly trained technicians available in each state. And while such mission statements are quite common, with Independent Home, it appears like the brand follows through. After reading verified user reviews on, Independent Home’s 4.7 star rating is mostly due to the seamless and expert installation process, as most of the reviews focus on this being the primary reason to go with Independent Home.

The best walk-in tub brand for a seamless installation

As mentioned, if you want your walk-in tub done right, then Independent Home is your best choice for a seamless installation. Finding the right walk-in tub is hard enough. Finding someone who can install the tub without any issues is another. Keep in mind, most walk-in tubs are complicated products with motors and electrical work. Even the most basic walk-in soaker tubs require an expert hand with the installation. It takes careful consideration with the demolition, the plumbing, electrical work, finish work, and more. It requires a team of experts to get right..

Independent Home is the most detailed and transparent of any walk-in tub brand we've evaluated in terms of how the installation process works. There are multiple videos and articles showing the process from beginning to end. You even receive a certificate from the installer showing that they’ve walked you through the entire process and showed you how to use all the features of your tub.

Independent Home walk-in tub review

Independent Home has a team of skilled installers to make sure your walk-in tub is installed in one day. (Image credit: Independent Home)

The reason why Independent Home’s customers always rave about the seamless installation is because the brand only uses small teams of expert installers. They have teams in each state, so you should have access to a team where you live to provide both expert consultations to help you get the most accurate price but expert work as well. That said, it’s unclear how available the teams are or whether you’d have to wait for your walk-in tub to be installed. Still, each team is required to go through a rigorous training program alongside an established team of installers and must complete 200 walk-in tubs installations before they can work independently.

It’s also unclear if the company currently has any social distancing protocols in place to keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic. The consultations and installation process, as described by the company, seem to require a lot of in-person meetings, which may pose too much of a risk to many potential customers.. We contacted the company to see how the coronavirus pandemic has changed their process. However, we have yet to hear back from them.

As for the walk-in tubs, Independent Home offers eight ADA compliant walk-in tubs and one walk-in shower. The options aren’t as stylish as many other walk-in tub brands, but the options and sizes are made to fit any mobility requirements. You can get hydrotherapy whirlpool jets, air jets, chromotherapy, inward swinging doors, outward swinging doors, bariatric models for people with heavier requirements. The minimum threshold height is 5 inches, which is lower than most but not the lowest by any means. That said, each model comes standard with fast-fill faucets and fast draining technology, so you never have to wait too long for the tub to fill or drain.

Cost comparison

It’s difficult to compare costs because every home is different and you can’t get an accurate price from Independent Home without a technician’s in-home consultation. That said, ConsumerAffairs reports that the prices range between $8,000 and $12,000. While this may put these tubs in the high-end category when compared to brands like AmeriGlide and Universal Tubs, which starts at around $2,000, it’s worth noting that the installation is included in this price. With most brands, installation is something you have to find on your own.

Independent Home walk-in tub review

Independent Home's pricing requires a consultation with a certified expert. (Image credit: Independent Home)

Each tub is also made with commercial grade materials, which means it has a heavy duty frame made of steel and a tub made of acrylic. As such, you can expect it to last a long time, which is why the company also provides one of the best warranties in the industry, a lifetime warranty.

You can mitigate the costs by taking advantage of the $1,500-off certificate from the website. They also offer financing to those with good credit, which also helps make this tub more affordable.

Final verdict

On paper, Independent Home may not seem like the most affordable walk-in tub brand. The reported range of prices is between $8,000 and $12,000. When you consider the fact that you can get a luxury walk-in tub for around $5,000 from a major brand like American Standard, it seems very expensive. However, when you consider the price includes a professional installation, it becomes far more competitive, especially since it means you don’t have to worry about hiring a plumber, electrician, and carpenter on your own. With most walk-in tubs, the installation process is one of the biggest complaints among seniors. It’s a big headache that can too easily cause problems when not done correctly. 

While there are just eight models, the models are different in size, type, and features. You can still get a wheelchair accessible tub or a bariatric tub, which are often not available with other brands. Overall, Independent Home is a reputable manufacturer that’s worth it for the installation process.

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