Humble Bundle's Conquer Covid-19 bundle offers $1,000 worth of games and books for just $30

(Image credit: Humble Bundle)

Humble Bundle is offering a limited-time bundle which includes over $1000 worth of content, including games, e-books and comics, for just $30 /25.50 - with all proceeds going to "organizations responding to Covid-19".

The Conquer Covid-19 bundle is a special one-week offering that includes a multitude of fantastic Steam games, such as Into the Breach, Undertale and Hollow Knight, alongside comics, e-books and specials. It's an absolute bargain - and it's for a good cause.

While Humble is asking for customers to pay at least $25.50 / $30, there is also the option to donate more, with 100% of the proceeds going to the following charities: Doctors Without Borders, Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee and Partners in Health.

The Conquer Covid-19 bundle is only available for another six days, meaning it will only be on offer until April 7. Humble Bundle has also warned that there's limited availability for this bundle, as it only has a limited number of keys for Zombotron. 

This bundle is definitely worth picking up as it includes some of the best PC games around and it's sure to keep you gaming for the foreseeable future.

Vic Hood
Associate Editor, TechRadar Gaming

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