Huawei MateBook laptops now come with Linux

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Huawei has launched a new range of its popular MateBook series of laptops powered by Linux but unfortunately, you'll have to be in China to pick one up.

The launch of the last MateBook in the US was canceled following the US government's decision to add the Chinese networking giant to its Entity List alongside other companies that are banned from trading with the US without a special license.

Now Huawei has released a new, slightly cheaper, version of its MateBook 13 which runs the Chinese made Linux distro, Deepin. The device is physically identical to other MateBooks which run Windows except for the fact that the Windows key now reads “start”.

Linux-powered MateBook

Those interested in picking up a MateBook running Deepin can do so directly from Huawei's vMail portal in China.

There are a number of possible reasons why Huawei decided to launch a MateBook running Linux. Perhaps the company is trying to move away from US-based operating systems on PC just as it is trying to do with HarmonyOS for Android or maybe it thought a Linux-powered MateBook would be a good way to use up unsold hardware from the canceled US launch.

As Deepin is a flavor of Linux based in mainland China, don't expect these new Linux-powered MateBooks to arrive in the US anytime soon. Though we could possibly see a MateBook running Ubuntu or Mint launch in the US in the future if there is enough demand.

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