HP’s new ZBook claims the title of world’s most powerful 2-in-1

HP ZBook Studio x360 G5

HP has a revealed a host of new fifth-generation ZBook mobile workstations, including a convertible which the firm claims is the most powerful ever made, and also boasts the world’s brightest 4K laptop display.

The notebook in question is the HP ZBook Studio x360 G5, which is a 2-in-1 with a 360-degree hinge that runs with powerful Intel Xeon processors and Nvidia graphics.

HP ZBook Studio x360 G5

As mentioned, HP reckons it has the brightest 4K display in any notebook around (as measured by HP in nits), and the anti-glare touchscreen benefits from HP DreamColor technology and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity when used with a stylus.

HP also unveiled the ZBook Studio G5 which is targeted at creative professionals, and also boasts that same bright 4K display, which is measured at 600 nits, and is thus around 20% brighter than Apple’s MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina model.

The Studio G5 can be specified with a six-core Intel Xeon processor, Nvidia Quadro graphics and up to 6TB of storage.

HP ZBook17 G5

Workstation wonderment

Moving on to the new HP ZBook17 G5, this model claims the title of the world’s most powerful mobile workstation, with a processor that boasts 50% more cores than the previous generation, backed with up to 64GB of memory and Nvidia Quadro P5200 graphics.

It can be specified with up to a whopping 10TB of storage, and this notebook has much better cooling than the previous model as well, with HP claiming it boasts 20% better thermal performance in comparison. A dizzying array of customization options are also available here, with up to 50 million different configurations possible, no less.

HP also revealed the ZBook 15 G5, which offers a 4K HP DreamColor display (with the same 600 nits brightness as the aforementioned ZBook Studio). It offers tool-less access and can be specified with up to 6TB of storage (with potentially up to 4TB of PCIe storage). It also runs much cooler than the previous generation, with 30% better thermals according to HP.

There’s also a ZBook 15v G5 spin aimed at small businesses and engineering students, which packs in suitably powerful components, but at a more affordable price.

The ZBook 15v runs with a six-core Intel Xeon processor and 32GB of memory, with Nvidia Quadro graphics and up to 4TB of storage.

HP DreamColor Z27x G2 Studio Display

Monitor magic

Finally, HP showed off a new monitor, the DreamColor Z27x G2 Studio Display, a 27-inch IPS screen with super-accurate colors, boasting 98% Adobe RGB coverage and 99% DCI P3. It also has an integrated pop-up sensor that can be used to calibrate the screen on-demand.

Also worth a mention is the fact that HP said its ZBook x2, launched late last year, now utilizes Intel’s 8th-gen Core processors.

The HP DreamColor Z27x G2 monitor is expected to go on sale in Europe later this month priced at €2,299 (around £2,000, $2,800).

All of the aforementioned ZBook laptops should be available in May, with the ZBook Studio x360 starting at €1,349 (around £1,180, $1,650). The HP ZBook Studio will have a starting price of €1,199 (around £1,050, $1,470).

HP’s ZBook 17 will start from €1,299 (around £1,130, $1,590), with the HP ZBook 15 costing €1,249 (around £1,090, $1,530), and the more wallet-friendly HP ZBook 15v starting from €849 (around £740, $1,040).

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