Honor 50 leaked renders look suspiciously like the Huawei P50

Huawei P50
(Image credit: Huawei)

At the HarmonyOS launch event on June 2, Huawei teased its upcoming flagship phone, giving us our first proper look at the Huawei P50. Just days later, leaked images have emerged of the Honor 50, and whaddayaknow - they look pretty damn similar.

These images come from GSMArena, and show the back of the Honor 50 and 50 Pro (well, we're taking GSMArena's word for that, because the two renders look identical aside from the color). It's not clear what the source of the renders is, so take them with a pinch of salt.

Both the official Huawei P50 image, and unofficial Honor 50 render, show a similar design language. The rear cameras are all housed in two large vertical circles, with the Honor 50 series touting a large lens in the top circle and two in the bottom one, and the P50 showing three lenses in the top circle and one in the bottom one (though some speculate this is the P50 Pro Plus, with fewer cameras in the standard models).

It's hard to deny that there are some strong similarities between the phones depicted in these images, and that's pretty weird, because we thought Huawei and Honor were never ever ever getting back together.

Post-breakup specs

Honor used to be a sub-brand of Huawei, up until December 2020 when it was sold to a Chinese conglomerate. The Honor 50 series is set to be the company's first flagship since it started riding solo.

Before the break-up, Honor and Huawei would often put out pretty similar products (albeit often with some differences). Back then, both these phones having the same design would have been understandable. Now, it's a bit weird.

Perhaps vertical circles are the future of smartphone design, and Huawei and Honor both using it at the same time is just coincidence. We hope not though, because both look kind of ugly.

Hopefully when we find out more about these phones there will be some bigger differences between them.

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