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Sim2 1080p projector has BrilliantColor tech

SIM2 has just revealed the world's first 1080p DLP projector with Texas Instruments ' BrilliantColor technology.

The £10,000 HT3000E uses BrilliantColor (white paper, PDF download) to deliver cinema-like realism with stronger colours, sharper contrast and deeper, darker blacks, according to SIM2.

Other picture-enhancing gizmos include 10-bit video processing, high-definition descaling and deinterlacing. It also has the ability to display 1-billion colours on-screen.

The HT3000E is a heavily revamped version of the HT3000 projector which made its worldwide debut at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2006. The original HT3000 cost £12,000 to buy when it arrived in the UK.

Its replacement then delivers better tech for a chunk less money.