Research breakthrough in DAB Surround Sound

DAB Surround Sound like a concert hall in your kitchen, claims researcher

Notably higher quality surround sound digital radio is now possible via a new data processing and compressing technique, developed in Germany.

DAB experts at the Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen claim DAB Surround will sound "like you're sitting in a concert hall and not at your own breakfast table," according to Fraunhofer researcher Matthias Rose.

Additionally, DAB Surround does not require a higher data rate than bog-standard stereo DAB, with the new MPEG Surround standard working by compressing the six channels of a surround sound music track.

Internet radio quality boost

"Our mp3 Surround format also enables surround sound to be heard over the Internet – a chance for thousands of mp3 Web radio broadcasters to offer their listeners an extra bonus," adds Rose.

Hi-Fi Choice magazine editor, Dan George, commenting on the news, added: "Anything that improves the quality of DAB broadcasts would be welcome, however, history has taught us that surround sound effects rarely increase the listener's enjoyment of music."

Stay tuned for more details on DAB Surround as we get them.