Pure launches the Evoke Flow internet radio

Pure's first-ever internet radio, the Evoke Flow
Pure's first-ever internet radio, the Evoke Flow

Pure, the company famous for its DAB radio systems, has unveiled its first-ever web radio that not only connects up to the endless internet radio channels but comprises both DAB and FM too.

The Pure Evoke Flow is the first radio to implement Linux, which will run the system's 'easy-to-use' interface.

The company has also said that it could open up the Linux program in the future, so that programmers could implement new widgets and extras into the device.

Launching simultaneously with the Evoke Flow is an internet site called The Lounge, and is said to be like iTunes for radio.

In The Lounge, streamed radio stations are constantly monitored, so you won't have to put up with any listening lag, and the site will hook automatically up to your system, synching favourite stations from the radio with the site

Stream songs

Pure has been working on this product for two years and hopes it will entice people into internet radio, just like the iPod did for online music.

The radio itself utilises touch-sensitive buttons and comes complete with modest-sized OLED display.

It does seem that Pure has put everything but the kitchen sink into this device, as you will also be able to stream songs stored on your computer, via its WiFi connection and hook up your iPod as well.

The Pure Evoke Flow is out in September and will cost a very reasonable £150.

Marc Chacksfield

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