Here’s the cheapest SSD per capacity we've ever seen and it is huge

Crucial BX500 2TB SSD - £134.29 at Amazon

Crucial BX500 2TB SSD - £134.29 at Amazon
The 2TB Crucial BX500 is the most affordable SSD per capacity on the market right now. The deal is exclusive to Amazon Prime members and expires in less than two days, so be quick!

Crucial has slashed the price of its high capacity 2TB solid state drive, the BX500, to a mere £134.29 for Amazon Prime Day.

That’s a saving of £50.50 (or 27%), but what's most important here is the fact that this is the cheapest SSD per capacity we’ve ever seen.

At just over £67 per TB, it is outrageously cheap for a flash-based storage device -  just over twice the price per TB of an equivalent hard disk drive.

The drive is a DRAMless model, uses Micron’s 96L TLC NAND chip and a Silicon Motion SM2259XT controller, and also ships with a three-year warranty.

However, bear in mind there are some caveats when buying an SSD at the lower end of the market.

This is a SATA drive, so will be useful for desktop PCs, workstations and larger laptops that have a free 2.5-inch bay available. It is not an M.2 SSD, so don’t expect to use it in thin and light laptops, and its performance (about 500MBps/540MBps in write/read speeds) is slow compared to a modern SSD.

As always, it is advisable to secure your data by backing it up to an offsite cloud storage service, even if the drive does offer award-winning True Image software.

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