Here’s a look at what makes LANQ PCDocks so special

The LANQ PCDock Pro
(Image credit: LANQ)

For maximum efficiency while working or gaming on a desktop PC, it’s important to get peripheral accessories such as USB hubs, monitor stands, dongles for wireless mice and keyboards, and more. However, this can be frustrating, as each of these devices is often a bit expensive — and if you’re planning on getting several of them, that cost will add up. 

Thankfully, you can avoid having to deal with this hassle by choosing to get one of LANQ’s upcoming PCDocks docking stations, which combine the functions of over six different popular peripheral devices into one package. Here’s a look at what makes PCDocks so valuable and convenient. Make sure you read to the end for info on getting your PCDock before anyone else! 

Enjoy premium convenience

LANQ PCDocks are built to be convenient first and foremost, and their physical design and features reflect this. With both dual USB-A ports and dual USB-C ports, you’ll have all the connectivity you need to plug in devices like smartphones, flash drives, or other accessories. Additionally, the entire frame of the Pro versions of these docks are flat on top and are raised 83mm, meaning that they serve excellently as monitor stands. You can also store your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories underneath the docks when you’re finished using your desktop, too. Additionally, there’s also a wireless charging pad on the Pro docks that provides up to 15W of fast charging to compatible devices. 

Cut the cord

The LANQ PCDock Pro

(Image credit: LANQ)

Another great thing about LANQ PCDocks is that they enable the user to go almost completely wireless with their desktop environment. With built-in Bluetooth support that works with up to 10 different devices, you can hook up wireless keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers, game controllers, and more with ease. 

If you hate dealing with networking cables, the built-in Wi-Fi adapter that comes with PCDocks lets you avoid them, too. It’s capable of up to 1200Mbps on a dual-band network, which provides you with all the speed and stability you’ll need for a smooth work experience or competitive PC gaming. 

Stay safe and secure

On top of being convenient and giving users the freedom to cut the cord, LANQ PCDocks also help make your desktop PC incredibly secure. With an onboard fingerprint reader that’s fully compatible with Windows Hello, you can ensure that nobody but you will be able to log into your system. In addition, you can also set up multiple different fingerprints and assign them to different profiles so that others can access their accounts on your system when you aren’t using it. This feature is particularly useful for families that have a shared family desktop PC. 

The ultimate all-in-one dock is coming soon 

The LANQ PCDock Standard

(Image credit: LANQ)

If you’re interested in getting one of LANQ’s PCDocks for yourself, make sure to check out LANQ’s official PCDock Indiegogo page. LANQ is very close to hitting its $19,950 target goal that will enable it to begin wider production of the docks, and you can be one of the first customers to get one if you contribute money yourself. 

Contributing $100 will score you a LANQ PCDock Standard, which comes with all of the excellent features described above aside from the wireless charger and monitor stand design. Paying $149 will get you the LANQ PCDock Pro, which comes with everything the Standard version as well as a monitor stand design, wireless charging pad, and a cool 1M, 60 LED RGB light strip. Finally, $199 nets you a LANQ PCDock Pro Max, which is longer and, thus, is suitable for dual monitor setups. Additionally, the RGB LED strip is also twice as long and features twice as many individual lights.