Google is bringing some amazing new features to Tab Groups in Chrome

Google Chrome on macOS
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Google are working on some interesting improvements to tab groups in an upcoming version of their Chrome web browser.

The arrival of tabs in web browsers was undeniably revolutionary, but it is also a feature that has continued to grow and develop. What initially started off as a neat way of having more than one website open without getting overwhelmed with windows continues to evolve, and Google is busy working on some amazing new options for Chrome users.

The Chrome Gerrit is a great source of information about the sort of things developers are working on or thinking about, even before these features and options make their way into preview builds. 

No fewer than seven new entries of interest have been spotted recently, showing that Google is working on – among other things – the ability to sync saved tab groups.

Google watcher Leo Varelo shared recent discoveries to Reddit. The first of which indicates that there are plans to make it easier to save an entire group of tabs to the bookmark bar. 

Another feature seems to suggest that Google is working on making it possible to synchronise tab groups between devices – something which will be welcomed by anyone who has been frustrated by this option currently not being available.

For sites that are visited frequently throughout the day, such as your inbox or calendar, it makes sense to have them pinned to the side of the tab bar. This is something Chrome users – and, indeed, users of other browsers – have become used to, and Google could be expanding this feature to make it possible to pin entire groups of tabs in much the same way.

Even more Group improvements coming

Other features that are hinted at include the addition of icons in the label for groups, and the option to option a folder full of bookmarked sites into a tab group. There is also talk of some more cosmetic elements such as adding " animations to the saved tab group node when saving a new tab group".

For now, all of the feature discussed above are in the very early stages of development. So much work remains to be done that they cannot even be seen in the Canary builds of Chrome on any platform. But hopefully it won't be too long before this changes and users are able to get their hands on what seems to be an amazing new set of features.

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